Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​We One is an online service market platform that connects professional and top-rated service providers across all the segments we offer. Having provided service within the free zone for years, we come to offer the market with our hassle-free booking system that can be made either as needed or on a recurring basis through the following steps;

  1. Make a payment
  2. Register your details
  3. Select your location
  4. Select the service you wanted to book

Booking a service is easy.

  • Select your preferred date and time, then click;
    1. Add To Cart – if you have other services to book
    2. Make payment – to checkout and complete the request
  • You may add under “Comments” any additional instructions or preference, then click "NEXT"
  • Select whether you would opt for us to bring our service materials, or you will provide them yourself
  • Select how many field professionals you require
  • Choose the duration of your service request
  • Choose your service frequency;
    1. One Time
    2. Bi-weekly (Twice a Month)
    3. Weekly (Four Times in a Month)
    4. Weekly (Multiple times in a Week)
  • Select the service you wanted to book, I.e. “Office Cleaning” - then click "Book Now"
  • Visit our website at or through Mobile App

You may contact our team through the following;

  • WhatsApp Support:
  • Contact Center:
  • Email Support:

  1. Cancellation or amendment of a Booking Request through the Web or through the Mobile Application can be made free of charge 24 hours before the Scheduled Booking Time. 
  2. Cancellations or amendments of a Booking within 24 hours from the scheduled booking time is chargeable minimum equivalent to two (2) hours of the booking fee.  
  3. A booking cannot be canceled while the booking is ongoing, otherwise, a 100% cancellation fee shall be applied.   

  1. Debit or Credit Card 
  2. Apple Pay 
  3. WS Wallet Credit 

​​​​​​To ensure the best cleaning result, we would be requiring the following materials. You can choose whether we bring the materials, or you will provide them upon our arrival. Kindly note that there will be an extra AED 10 per hour charge if you request the cleaning materials.  

Cleaning Products 

  • Floor cleaner 
  • Toilet cleaner 
  • Multi-purpose cleaner 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Cream cleaner 
  • Wood furniture polish 

Cleaning Equipment 

  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Mop 
  • Bucket & spinner 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Sponge cloth 
  • Scouring pad 
  • Wiper/applicator 


We One implements a strict screening process for the selection of our field professionals. A background check and training are being done before they are recruited and dispatched to the field.

Credit is refunded to your We One Wallet as per the Terms and Conditions;

  1. 24 hours before the appointment: 100% credit to wallet
  2. 12 hours before the appointment: 50% credit to the wallet
  3. 6 hours before the appointment: No credit to the wallet, payment forfeited.
  4. Bank account refunds are currently not available.


Yes. An electronic invoice shall be emailed to your registered email address

No. You can opt to pay via card or Apple Pay while booking the service.

If the field staff advises that the booked duration is not sufficient to complete the service, our team shall be contacting you for approval to proceed. We shall then share a payment link for the extension to complete the request.

Our field professionals are mostly from the Philippines and Nepal. All are well-trained and trustworthy.

All promotions can be found through our social media page or visit our website at and the Mobile Application for more details.

Certainly, with the rustle and bustle of our daily routine, it is our job to take the stress out of keeping your home spick and span. Most of our clients leave the key with us for their weekly appointments.